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Lamelle Dermaheal Ageing Reversal Neck Serum is a potent, targeted serum that treats signs of ageing on the neck. This serum helps to stimulate new collagen and elastin. It addresses the changes of thinning skin which includes textural changes such as crepiness. Formulated for more mature, sun-damaged skins but can be used by those with early signs of ageing. Caution should be used by those with any sensitivity. Lamelle Dermaheal Ageing Reversal Neck Serum is an active gel solution to treat visible signs of  ageing in the neck area.  These signs can include thinning of your skin, textural change and crepe-like structure.

Key ingredients include Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) and Copper Tripeptides help to promote the formation of collagen and elastin fibres, which promotes skin tissue repair and regeneration. Acetyl Hexapeptide promotes added anti-ageing benefits. Lamelle’s unique nano-encapsulated delivery mechanism allows for deeper penetration of the growth factors resulting in a more effective action.

Dr Webster’s Recommendations: It is just as important to treat the skin on the neck as it is on the face and this advanced serum contains peptides and growth factors to help improve the quality of ageing skin. While no topical product can tighten the skin like certain skin rejuvenation treatments such as lasers, this product will help to enhance these treatments. It helps to hydrate, stimulate and improve the overall texture of the skin in the neck area. This is the first South African topical Growth Factor product.



Firstly, it contains an abundance of Growth Factors and Peptides to powerfully stimulate collagen and elastin.  Especially relevant is that the skin of the neck is structurally different to the skin of the face and a unique treatment.  Furthermore, this serum addresses the changes of thinning skin, textural change and crepe-like structure.  It will also reduce the appearance of thinner neck skin that has lines and wrinkles.  It will not remove lax skin or double chins.

Dermaheal Ageing Neck Reversal Serum

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