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Removing stubborn, water-resistant makeup isn’t easy.  You use one cotton ball or cotton pad after another, scrubbing the skin to the point of irritation just to remove that last bit of eyeshadow or waterproof mascara.  When you’re done, the makeup is gone, but the skin sensitized, irritated, and over-dry.

Take the pain out of removing eye makeup with the Environ AVST Eye Make-Up Remover.  This gentle, oily-free formula easily removes makeup without irritating the sensitive skin around the eyes.  Including soothing ingredients, the aromatic blend glides across the skin, lifting away even waterproof mascara with ease.

So put away that huge bag of cotton balls, and pick up Environ AVST Eye Make-Up Remover.  As part of an exhaustive Environ cleansing routing, it’s the first step in cleansing the skin before bed.  Ideal for all skin types and anyone who wears eye makeup, this product purifies and soothes the skin for a fresh, pure complexion. 



  • Soothes the skin, reducing inflammation, irritation, and redness
  • Calms itching, burning, and other symptoms of irritation
  • Effectively and thoroughly removes stubborn eye makeup
  • Safe for contact lens wearers
  • Even removes water-resistant makeup types and waterproof mascara
  • Won’t irritate the sensitive skin around the eyes
  • Purifies the complexion, removing makeup and impurities, providing for a more thorough cleanse
  • Stimulates the senses with a delicate, delectable fragrance


How to use:

At the end of the day or when you want to remove eye makeup, apply the Environ Eye-Makeup Remover directly to the skin around the eyes.  Use a cotton ball or pad as needed to remove makeup in stubborn areas.  When finished, continue with your Environ pre-cleanse and cleansing routine


Eye Make-Up Remover

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