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This nourishing body oil takes you on a fresh and invigorating sensorial escape.  For soft, satiny and delicately perfumed skin.

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Sunflower Oil


Sunflower oil with aromatics of lemon and petitgrain (bitter orange leaves) and enriched with Vitamin E this elixir envelops the skin with an aromatic protective film perfect for dry skin types.  A fresh citrus/ floral sensorial escape to nourish the skin leaving it soft and satin-smooth.  A relaxing effect on the senses while protecting the skin with a unique non-greasy (dry) finish.

Spray on the entire body or target areas and massage in with circular movements. Use daily or for massage.


All Skins


Envelops with an aromatic protective film. 


  • Sunflower oil: Moisturizing, softening
  • Vit E: Antioxidant

Lemon & Petitgrain Escape – Nourishing Body Elixir

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