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All skin types (even combination) with chronic or occasional dryness


Because a well-nourished skin will always look younger

Double relipidating action: immediate + deep action


Intensely nourishes & protects from premature aging


Comfort, restore and protect the skin from chronic or occasional dryness to visibly preserve its youthfulness.  This rich cream intensively nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and silky.  Regenerated, the skin recovers the necessary strength to visibly protect itself from the signs of ageing.


Nutri-omega 3.6.9 Complex


All Skins, Dry / Dehydrated skin


Proven efficacy: Reduced roughness**Nutri-omega 3.6.9 complex - Immediate relipidating action Pichia anomala polysaccharides -  Deep relipidating action Alpha-bisabolol  Soothing

Nutritive - Comfort Cream

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