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Environ Comfort+ Focus Care Vita-Enriched Colostrum Gel Contains bovine colostrum in a non-greasy gel formula. Contains a natural fragrance (lavender oil) which has a soothing effect on the skin. It supports the production of healthy collagen, elastin and growth factors, which minimise the appearance of fine lines, leaving the skin feeling smoother and firmer. Indicated for more mature, sun-damaged skin. The revised formula now contains a phyto (plant) ingredient from a robust herbaceous plant Cimicifuga Racemosa used in Chinese medicine for its rejuvenating and curative properties and is rich in anti-ageing molecules.

  • Promotes the production of healthy collagen and elastin
  • Improves the visible signs of ageing
  • Soothes sensitive or inflammed skin
  • Natural skin immune booster


How to Use


  • Apply Intensive Colostrum Gel to face, neck and décolleté
  • Use morning and evening
  • Suitable for mature, sun damaged and problematic skin as well as those with sensitive or fragile skin and fine lines
  • A sun protection SPF 15 or higher, such as Environ RAD SPF15 or Environ Alpha Day Lotion SPF 15, should be used every day

Vita-Enriched Colostrum Gel

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